Nouryon consists of a number of different business units which produce a variety of chemical intermediates, performance chemicals and end-use consumer products on a global scale. Creating value for customers is the key objective for us, the Sulfur Derivatives sub-business unit of Nouryon.

Many products we all rely on every day would not exist without our chemicals. You can find our products in insulating glass windows, airplanes, fertilizers, crop protection chemicals, synthetic fibers and many familiar places.

We operate dedicated sales and marketing organizations in the United States, Argentina, China and Germany. Along with associated organizations in places like Japan, Russia and Australia these teams enable our business to achieve global reach. We serve customers all over the world with two distinctive product lines: Sulfur Products and Thioplast®, the Polysulfide. Sulfur Products are used as basic building blocks or processing aids in many applications. Thioplast® is used as high performance liquid polymers in the construction and aerospace industries.