High quality and pure Sodium sulfide types are used in many chemical processes and applications as intermediate and as reducing agent!

Nouryon has extended its Sodium sulfide portfolio. In addition to the existing Sodium hydrogensulfide NaSH 45wt% solution Nouryon is also offering Sodium hydrogensulfide NaSH flakes and (Bis)Sodium sulfide Na2S as flakes and 10-12wt% solution. The Sodium sulfide Na2S flakes is also available with a higher Sulfur content as Polysulfide Na2S2.5 or Na2S4.

Different types of Sodium Sulfides are used in various applications like:


Pulp Production


Dehairing in tanneries

(Waste) Water Treatment


Chemical Synthesis

For example Thioglycolacid (TGA)

Sodium hydrogensulfide NaSH flakes and (Bis)Sodium sulfide Na2S

Our Expertise

Nouryon is a gobally operating company with very experienced logistic capabilities. Beside production, quality and storage one of our main focal point is product and process safety. Nouryon is able to support new customers with safety advices.    

Standard packaging is bulk and IBC for liquids and bags and big bags for solids.