Sulfur Products are sulfur based products like carbon disulfide (CS2), sodium hydrosulfide (NaSH), sulfur chloride (SCl2), sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and thiocyanate (RSCN) which are used in several applications in chemical, textile, photo, rubber, mining, agriculture, paper, construction and cosmetic industry.

The biocide properties of sulfur are used to manufacture herbicides, fungicides and soil fumigants. Farmers around the world protect and increase their harvest by using herbicides, fungicides and soil fumigants based on CS2. Huge quantities of sulfuric acid are needed to produce phosphate fertilizers.

Sulfur Derivatives as part of Nouryon has production sites in Cologne (Germany), LeMoyne (USA) and San Lorenzo (Argentina). We supply our products worldwide with responsible care and attention for safety. With our many years’ experience and knowledge, high technology standards and excellent service, we as Nouryon are proud to have a worldwide leading position in Carbon Disulfide and inorganic thiocyanates.

Our Sulfur Products

Carbon Disulfide

Vital role in industrial processes

Sodium Hydrosulfide

Highly reactive form of sulfur

Sulfuric Acid

Largest volume commodity chemical produced in the world

Sulfur Chloride

Largest application for sulfur chlorides is in the production of gear oil additives


Used in the textile and fibre industry, agriculture, metal and steel industry and construction


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