Sulfur chloride is produced at Nouryon's LeMoyne facility, just north of Mobile, Alabama, USA. Both sulfur monochloride (S2Cl2) and sulfur dichloride (SCl2) are produced to exacting customer specifications. The synthesis of sulfur chlorides is by the controlled reaction of chlorine gas with elemental sulfur.


Sulfur chlorides are versatile reagents for the introduction of sulfur or chlorine in the synthesis of organic and other industrial products.

Major applications

The largest application for sulfur chlorides is in the production of gear oil additives. Sulfur chlorides give gear oils the ability to handle the more difficult environments required to improve fuel economy in today's vehicles. Sulfur Chlorides are used in the preparation of additives for extreme pressure lubricants from phenols and in vulcanizing agents for natural and synthetic rubbers. Sulfur Chlorides also play a role in the synthesis of insecticides, fungicides, pharmaceuticals, and dyes.

Handling/Responsible Care

Sulfur chlorides are highly hazardous – they can have free chlorine associated with them, and become highly corrosive if they come in contact with water. We ship this product in rail cars and custom ISO containers. These containers are dedicated to sulfur chlorides service and have been engineered specifically for this application. We offer customized technical service, pre-shipment safety audits and full support to our customers to help insure the product is stored and handled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.