Thioplast EPS is an epoxy-terminated polysulfide type with low viscosity. The introduction of epoxy-termination into the polysulfide structure results in the formation of a unique polymer which combines the excellent properties of Nouryon's polysulfides Thioplast G with the most desirable features of epoxy-resin systems.

These are:

  • Good weathering properties
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Primerless adhesion on many substrates
  • Elastic behavior withstanding vibrations and joint movement
  • Reduced tension in material joints
  • High impact resistance, including low temperatures
  • High stability with regard to thermo cycling
  • Chemical resistance to oil, fuels, dilute acids, alkalis, solvents and sea water
  • High speed curing at ambient temperature
  • High flexibility

Depending on the field of application, Thioplast EPS can either be used alone or in combination with conventional aromatic glycidyl ethers and other epoxies.


  • Adhesives for steel and aluminum, concrete and automotive
  • Corrosion protection coatings for marine, chemical plants equipment, pipelines etc.

Containment coatings made with epoxidized Thioplast EPS prevent fuel, chemicals and solvents from penetrating into contaminating soil. These coatings can also protect windmills, pipelines and ships from corrosion. As a non-toxic material Thioplast EPS is ideal for contact with food and potable water.

Thioplast EPS brochure