We have made a commitment to our employees and their health and safety. Guided by our core common values, we have also set down our commitments to the environment, including how we aim to improve our energy efficiency. And although we cannot put a stop to global issues and dilemmas, we have strong principles for dealing with them.


Sustainable products

Sustainability is not just about producing more sustainable products. It is about finding new ways to do things. With this in mind, we have designed our own eco-efficiency strategy. We also have a program of sustainable innovation, using sustainability tools to measure our success.

Our people

As a company, we can do a lot for the communities we work in. As individuals, we can do even more. That’s why Nouryon is creating opportunities for our people to make a difference. This includes investing in the Nouryon Art Foundation, and supporting community programs and projects around the world.


With the growing threat of climate change and the scarcity of raw materials, sustainability is crucial to the future of our planet. We are constantly looking to minimize our effect on the world and its resources, focusing on materials efficiency, energy & climate, water usage and cleaning up the land and air around us.

Our performance

We manage and monitor every aspect of our sustainability performance. The yearly Nouryon Sustainability Report covers what we’re doing – and aiming to do, how we measure our performance, and how our shareholders and the financial community can measure our overall sustainability.